Medina school district plans Mustang Motorcade on Friday afternoon

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 30 March 2020 at 3:33 pm

File photo by Tom Rivers: A Mustang banner is displayed outside Medina High School.

MEDINA – The teachers and staff of Medina school district are planning a Medina Mustang Motorcade on Friday from 1 to 2:30 p.m.

The district is hoping the motorcade will spread some cheer to students who are now home from school for the third week due to health concerns with the coronavirus.

“We ask that you find a safe location to enjoy the motorcade – maybe from your front porch, in a vehicle or in lawn chairs at an appropriate social distance!” according to a notice from the district. “Please note that nothing with be thrown during this parade. But there will be noise! Music, horns, etc!”

The district encourages students to make a banner or a sign and show their “Medina Strong” pride.

“It is also National Find a Rainbow Day,” the district stated. “We hope that we can spread some hope and cheer during this unprecedented time.”

Motorcade Route:

Shelby Fire Hall—South on 63, West Shelby Rd, R-Hellert Rd, L- Ryan Rd, R-Salt Works Rd, Over route 31, R-Park Ave, R-West Ave, R-Maple St, R- Gwinn St, L-Park Ave, R– Prospect, R-Ryan St, L– Glenwood, L-Oak, L-Gulf, R-Stork, L- N Gravel Rd, L-Commercial St, L-E Oak Orchard St, L-Bates Rd, L-North St, L-State St, L-Chadwick St, R-Starling Dr, R-Elizabeth St, L-Mead Ave, R-Elwood St,

L-State St, R- Horan Rd, L-Maple Ave, L-Erin Rd, R-State St, L-Roseland Ave, R-Mead Ave, R-E Center St, L-Orient St, R-S Main, R-E Oak Orchard St, L-Church St, L-E Center St, R- Ohio St, R-Eagle St, R-West Ave, R-Park Ave, R-Davis Ave, L-West Center St, R- Marshall Rd, R-Route 104, R-N. Gravel Rd, L-Slade Rd, L-Horan Rd, R-E Sco  Rd, continue Porter Rd, R-Knowlesville Rd, R-Route 31, L-Snell Dresser Rd, continue E Shelby Rd, R-Fletcher Chapel Rd, R-Bigford Rd, L-Harrison Rd, R-route 63, return to Shelby Fire Hall.

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