Medina resident appreciates help painting house, says village officials also compassionate in situation

Posted 4 May 2023 at 4:30 pm


I’m the lady whose neighbors helped paint and fix up her house. My sole intention was to try to spotlight the good and caring people who volunteered NOT to vilify the Village of Medina, its mayor or code enforcement officer.

I am appalled and horrified at the negative responses from some people towards the village and its officials. The code officer was very kind when I contacted him last August. He willingly gave me extra time to comply with the painting violation and was OK with me addressing the other lawn and shrubbery violations.

At no time was I personally threatened with actual fines or jail time. The notice I received simply stated that these were possible consequences if I didn’t act. Code enforcement is required to do its job, as are all village departments.

If you’re one of those who want to help me then don’t post threats and negative personal remarks.

If you want to help me, look to your neighbors’ needs! There are many who could use a helping hand especially the elderly. I am fine now and look forward to many more years as proud resident of Medina.

Debbie Stella