Medina prom tradition for 30 years: photos at Pat Fox’s garden, gazebo

Photo by Tom Rivers: Pat Fox is pictured this morning at the rose arbor in her backyard on East Center Street. A week ago she had about 175 Medina students in formal gowns, suits and tuxedos for photos before the prom.

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 18 June 2021 at 1:10 pm

Photos courtesy of Jenn Molisani Photography: Pat Fox is pictured with Medina senior Sydney Watts before the prom a week ago. Fox and her husband Bob have operated the Garden View Bed & Breakfast for the past 20 years. They are happy to have the Medina students stop by for photos.

MEDINA – It was 30 years ago when one of Pat Fox’s friends asked if she could use Fox’s backyard for photos before the prom.

Fox loves to share the space, and said yes. That friend brought her daughter, and many of her daughter’s friends. About 40 Medina students showed up with the ladies in gowns and the gentleman wearing suits or tuxes.

“That friend invited her friends and they just kept coming,” Fox said.

That was the start of a Medina tradition. Now Pat and her husband Bob have a steady stream of Medina prom attendees stop by. A week ago about 175 were in her backyard from about 3:45 to 6:15 p.m.

There was only one year the students didn’t come over. It was a major downpour that day.

Fox and her husband are grateful to host all of the students on the special day.

“It’s a tradition in Medina to come here,” Fox said this morning at her garden. “It makes me feel good. It’s a way that I can give back to the community.”

Fox is retired banker who worked with Fleet Bank in Albion and Medina. She also was a staffer for former State Assembly David Seaman of Lockport.

Tending to her garden has always been a labor of love. She has stone walkways, and flowers that are an explosion of color. The gazebo is a very popular spot for pictures. People also like the rose arbor and her llama barn.

Fox grew up on a farm and she said she likes the hard work of keeping up a garden.

“I still do all of the gardens,” Fox said. “It takes me a lot longer than it used to, but I enjoy it. This is my life and I love it.”

She relishes sitting in the back yard and watching canal boats pass by, or the cyclists and joggers. She can also see farmers planting and harvesting crops in the distance, depending on the season.

She has a gift for hospitality and is well known for her brownies. Fox and her husband 20 years ago opened the Garden View Bed & Breakfast, opening up two rooms in their home. Customers have now filled six guestbooks.

The Foxes didn’t have any guests for about a year, from March 2020 to only a few months ago. The bed & breakfast is another way to share her home and property with people.

“We have met so many wonderful people over the years,” Fox said about her customers at the bed & breakfast and the students and their families who stop by for photos. “God has given me a good life and I want to give back.”

These students find a nice spot for a photo at Pat Fox’s backyard. From left include Amanda Woodruff, Dakota Alexander, Sydney Watts, Madison Stewart, Mia Hobbs, Evie Schultz, Corine Hill and Emma Carson.

Provided photo: This group is shown in front of the gazebo. They include FaithAnn Vanderwalker, Hannah Kenward, Abby Blount and Sophia Cardone.