Medina police officer, firefighters helped revive young girl who nearly drown

Staff Reports Posted 9 June 2020 at 6:21 pm

MEDINA – A Medina police officer and firefighters were able to help revive a young girl on Friday evening.

A police officer was at a residence one minute after being dispatched at 6:26 p.m. The girl was moved from a pool by a family member and wasn’t conscious or breathing.

Jake Reeves, a Medina police officer, took over CPR from a family member and a neighbor. Reeves began a series of back blows and chest compressions and then carried the child to the ambulance where a team of on- and off-duty firefighters took over patient care.

The child was in cardiac arrest and advanced life support treatments were initiated. Firefighters on scene achieved return of spontaneous circulation and the patient was transported to Medina Memorial Hospital for further care while awaiting a medevac unit from Mercy Flight for transport to Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo.

“We have been in contact with the family, although the child is still being treated at the hospital, the child is conscious and talking,” according to a joint press release from the Medina Police and Fire Departments. “The family wishes to remain anonymous at this time but they also would like to express their gratitude to all personnel and agencies involved in this incident.”

This incident highlights the training and hard work of many in the chain of survival – early recognition, calling 911, professional dispatching, bystander CPR, quick response of the Police and Fire Departments, the talented hospital staff, specialty air transport by Mercy Flight and the specialized care offered at Oishei Children’s Hospital. All of those things together has led to a successful outcome, each link in the chain is vital.

Both agencies would like to recognize the efforts of all village police officers and firefighters who responded to this incident. Responding from the Police Department were Officers Reeves, Zangerle and Prawel. From the Fire Department, the on-duty crew of Captain Young and Firefighters Simmons, Urtel and T. Miller. Off-duty crew members were Lieutenants Cooley and Crooks along with Firefighters Fisher and Long.

“I’m really proud of these members of the Medina Fire and Police Departments,” said Fire Chief Matt Jackson. “This was a very stressful incident and time was essential. The teamwork and ability to remain calm while performing at the highest level was a testament to the training and experience these guys face day in and day out. I’m also very happy for this family. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that this outcome was the direct result of a collaborative effort by family, the Medina Fire Department, the Medina Police Department, Medina Memorial Hospital, Mercy Flight and Oishei Children’s Hospital. Outstanding job by everyone involved!”

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