Medina Police Department needed more than ever

Posted 14 June 2018 at 5:22 pm


We live in dangerous times. Almost daily, there is another random act of violence somewhere in America. I remember when we felt safe here, living our lives far away from the heavily populated cities where those unimaginable events took place.

Our sense of security is now and forever gone, replaced by the realization that there is no place on earth excepted from acts of violence. While my generation still has difficulty coming to terms with this harsh reality, the younger generation has learned how to endure it.

I was shocked one day when my niece, Jessica, rather nonchalantly informed me that there has been violence and terrorism for as long as she can remember. I quickly did the math and realized that she belongs to the first generation of Americans forced to carry the mental burden of these brutal acts as a condition of their daily lives.

All of our children shoulder this weight with astonishing dignity and grace. Jessica will never know anything about the carefree world in which I grew up, and I mourn the loss of that for her, for her sisters, and for all young people universally.

We must remember that whenever and wherever catastrophes strike, law enforcement officers are the first to run straight into the chaos. I have no idea where this kind of valor comes from, but I do thank God they all share the same spirit of heroism. There is no greater act of courage than to put their lives into dangerous situations in order to protect others. Officers know that at any time, they may be called upon to lay down their lives, and they willingly accept this responsibility as a condition of their profession.

There is currently a movement to dissolve the Medina Police Department. I have carefully studied the Center for Governmental Research Baseline Report of May, 2017, the Options Report of October 2017, and the Final Report of December 2017. There is nothing in this study to persuade me that any of this is in the best interest of any man, woman or child in our community; however, if we are not attentive, it could happen.

Once these bastions begin to break down, it leaves every remaining department vulnerable. What might be dissolved next? I have waited for our village officials to take a very strong, tough and public position against the proposal to dissolve our Police Department long before it goes to the referendum stage.

So far, at least to my knowledge, their push-back against the proposition has been weak. As a private citizen, I feel uncomfortable standing by and doing nothing; however, I feel equally uncomfortable stepping forward and taking up a cause that I feel should be addressed by the officials for whom we have voted, and in whom we have placed our trust.

The crisis that is paramount today regards the safety of our children, our schools, and all public and private places within our community. We have always looked to our Village Police Department for this protection. I firmly believe that we have outstanding leadership in Medina Police Chief Chad Kenward, a 15-year veteran; Lieutenant Todd Draper; and Sergeant Michael Borrell.

We also have some of the most remarkably talented police recruits Medina has ever seen. Under their leadership, they will create a team to build the foundation upon which a great police department will continue to serve our community with strength and determination.

Thanking you all in advance for your time and attention in this matter.


Mary Eileen Hare