Medina neighborhoods give bad impression with deterioration

Posted 6 July 2020 at 9:16 am


When I come into Medina and drive down South Main Street, I get sick to my stomach. I used to live in a nice 2-bedroom apartment 30 years ago. Today it is run down, like many of the apartment houses on that street.

When our beautiful village has visitors what do they think? When the Brent House is complete I believe it will be spectacular. What will our visitors think coming into our town?

Trash is on the porch and around the property. Paper bags over the windows, damaged blinds, duct tape and sheets covering the windows! Go to the MAAC store on Orient and buy some, heck they will probably give you some! Why is this allowed?

If you are a landlord are you able to rent a home and not live in NY? That should not be allowed! How do you manage your property and tenants so far away? That spells disaster.

You enjoy the money, but the upkeep is obviously not a concern to yours or our village government. Our village is beautiful – our stores are truly the best! The owners take pride in their businesses and the storefronts alone are worth the walk around town.

I live next to a house that has two apartments and I open my kitchen window and look at a dilapidated, derelict ramshackle mess! The landlord started to side it a year ago and it’s still not finished, plus one of the tenants has three unlicensed cars siting in the yard! The owner of this house is a business owner in Medina. Someone is looking the other way!

I read not long ago that residents were receiving letters if their lawns were not mowed, but drive down South Avenue, Gwinn, North Avenue, East Avenue, I can go on and on. It’s gross. It’s not fair to the residents to have their property assessments so high.

Maybe we need landlords to teach social skills because some of these young kids I see have no clue how to pick up after themselves, let alone property! Or the landlords need to be taught how to manage an apartment. This could be a new committee for our village government. I will be happy to teach classes to landlords and tenants.

It’s time the village of Medina’s government to take the blinders off and take a walk up and down the streets of this village. If you are going to live here there must be guidelines to follow.

Medina needs to be stern and stand up for the residents that take pride in where they live, and if you are a clean tenants and your landlord is a slumlord there needs to be a course of action that is strictly enforced.

Sarah Y. Gonzalez