Medina names 3 streets at Business Park

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 23 April 2024 at 8:43 am

It’s official: Pride Pak Way, Commerce Way and Enterprise Way

Photo by Tom Rivers: Pride Pak Road will become “Pride Pak Way,” the Medina Village Board voted on Monday. The short road, about 300 feet long, is west of the Pride Pak vegetable processing facility on Maple Ridge Road. It’s one of three streets leading into the Medina Business Park that were officially named on Monday by the board.

MEDINA – The Village Board gave three short streets leading into the Medina Business Park official names at the Monday night board meeting.

The board had been discussing how to name the streets in recent months. After hearing suggestions for prominent community leaders and business tycoons from the past and present, the board decided for more generic names – Commerce and Enterprise. The other street will be Pride Pak Way.

Pride Pak Way is just west of the Pride Pak vegetable processing facility that opened in 2016. There already is a sign declaring the small street “Pride Pak Road.” That street could eventually extend farther back into the business park.

The board never officially named the street. The name will be “Pride Pak Way” to be consistent with the first street named in the park: “Marcia Tuohey Way” which is off Bates Road.

The three new streets are all perpendicular to Maple Ridge Road. Pride Pak Way is currently about 300 feet long. The village and Orleans Economic Development Agency previously said the street would be named Pride Pak as part of the agreement with the Canada-based company to come to Medina. Pride Pak lists the address of its Medina business as 11531 Maple Ridge Rd.

Enterprise Way is about 400 feet long, and is between Pride Pak and the hotel.

Commerce Way is about 400 feet long and between Takeform and BMP.

The board preferred more generic names, which wouldn’t have to be changed in the future if there are changes of ownership and the names of the existing businesses by the new streets.

The naming of the paved streets will add them to the village’s official street inventory, and could result in a slight increase in state CHIPS aid for road maintenance.