Medina mayor, trustees have shown they work with residents to improve the village

Posted 14 September 2020 at 1:16 pm


To be transparent, I am a trustee and deputy mayor in the Village of Medina. I have served with Mayor Sidari, Trustee Sherman and Trustee Elliott for many, many years. My opinion, witnessing their work and dedication to the village, they are excellent public servants.

All three are up for re-election on Tuesday, September 15. They have a list of accomplishments for each year they have been in office. Those accomplishments have improved the quality of life for our residents.

In a letter posted on Orleans Hub it was announced that there are write-in candidates for the position of mayor and trustee.  Along with the announcement, which strangely comes from a neighbor of a candidate and not from a candidate, comes a set of goals. I think there needs to be some clarification regarding those goals.

Initially these write-in candidates want fiscal responsibility. Rather nebulous but I can assure you that the village is audited every year and I have never seen nor heard of an issue regarding responsibility. Frankly I do not know what they mean by that.

The list of goals next goes on encouraging residents to participate in village government knowing that their input will be valued and assessed. What I find rather bizarre with this goal is that, while encouraging others to participate, neither one of them ever attends board meetings. Frankly I would not recognize one of the write-in candidates as I do not believe I have ever seen them in or around town. How can you encourage others to participate when you yourself do not do it?

The goals go on saying that they will lend support to all departments, local merchants and the Medina Memorial Hospital. Had either one of these write-in candidates taken the time to attend even one board meeting over the past few years they would recognize that support of each department and to locals is discussed and given where appropriate.

Look at some of what has been accomplished by citizens of Medina over the past few years.  There is a dog park, a splash park and playground, soon to be a new skateboard park and more initiatives taken by private citizens that have had the full support, advice and encouragement of the mayor and trustees. All of the people involved in these endeavors have also met with the mayor and have appeared before the full board to get advice and approval. Write-in candidates who never attend board meetings do not know this.

I have nothing against write-in candidates, I have been one myself. What I take issue with are people that do not do their homework when deciding to run for office. This isn’t a game. This is the management of a village for 6,000 people with a budget of almost 6 million dollars. You better know what you are doing when you take office.

Mayor Sidari, Trustee Sherman and Trustee Elliott have proven, many times over, that they have the ability to manage this village. They have earned and deserve your vote.

Please vote on Tuesday, September 15, and please vote for Sidari, Sherman and Elliott for knowledgeable and responsible government for Medina

Owen Toale


Village of Medina