Medina mayor says he and Village Board have been responsive to residents, taxpayers

Posted 14 September 2020 at 3:48 pm


I would like to respond to the letter written by Ann McElwee who is in support of write-in candidates for Village of Medina Mayor and Trustee.

The partial list of goals are very similar as mine:

  • Fiscal responsibility – I have worked very hard with the Board to keep taxes to a minimum. One was to purchase quality used vehicles for department heads. This saved tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Participation in village government – I encourage anyone to seek a position on the Village Board and to come to any and all village meetings. To my knowledge neither one of the candidates have been at many meeting or served on any committees, if at all.
  • Assist village residents – It is my goal to contact any village resident within 48 hours with any concerns they have. I will then address that concern with the proper Department Head to see if the concern can be rectified. I will then attempt to follow up with the resident.
  • Support all departments – I meet several times a week with Department Heads to see if there is anything myself and the Board can help them with the performance of their duties.
  • Leaf and brush pick-up – As of right now any resident who has brush to be picked up can call the Village Office and leave their address. Usually if there are no major problems in the Village, one or two trucks go around and pick up the brush. As far as the leaves, that is mostly up to Mother Nature. It’s kind of hard to pick up leaves when it snows.
  • Support local merchants – The Village Board has toured the business district and spoken to every business owner that was in their store to see what their needs were. Due to COVID we were not able to do that this year. Many store owners have heard me say, “They are our local heroes, they put their blood, sweat and tears into their business to make downtown Medina what it is today.”
  • Support Medina Memorial Hospital – Board members and I have had several meetings a year with the CEO of Orleans Community Health (Medina Hospital). In order for our Village to grow we must have a reliable health care system.
  • WI-Fi connection – There are several areas in the Village where free WI-Fi is available, including the Lee-Whedon Memorial Library, and on the grounds of the Medina School District for students.

There are several ways of communication to the Village Board with or without COVID-19 health restrictions. A voice mail can be left at the Village office, Email at or any one of the individual members emails that are on the village website. I can also be contacted on Facebook at the “Medina, This Village Matters” page.

We are all part of Medina, the board works together as one for a great quality of life for all of our residents and visitors.

Please vote for Mike Sidari – Mayor, Marguerite Sherman and Tim Elliott – Trustee.

Thank you,

Mike Sidari