Mayor says dissolution plan positions Medina area for future

Posted 15 April 2014 at 12:00 am

Press release, Medina Mayor Andrew Meier

Editor’s note: Medina Mayor Andrew Meier sent this response to a press release issued by the towns of Ridgeway and Shelby about a dissolution plan. Click here to see that press release, “Ridgeway and Shelby say village dissolution process has been flawed.”

The taxpayers of Medina, Ridgeway and Shelby deserve honest solutions that have been thoughtfully considered, discussed, researched and arrived at with transparency.

The Dissolution Committee has done that by proposing solutions that eliminate costly layers of government, improve quality of life for residents, and create the conditions for economic opportunity in a competitive environment.

The Committee is comprised of a diverse group of independent, honorable, and unbiased citizens who have invested great effort in this plan, and I thank them for their continuing contributions.

Our community’s motto is “Roots in the past, eyes on the future.”  We all find inspiration in the work of those who built our village with bold determination. But we can’t live in the past, doing the same old things we’ve done for years. Challenging and changing times demand that we think and act anew.

I remain confident that our local elected officials are capable of fair-minded and unfiltered dialogue about our future, and I welcome idea-sharing with residents at all times.