Medina mayor appreciates help from many in stopping water leak in main transmission line

Posted 15 January 2020 at 8:24 pm


Last Friday afternoon a leak was discovered on the transmission line at the corner of Route 31 and Salt Works Road. Monday afternoon a meeting was held to discuss our options of repairing the leak.

Worst-case scenario would have reduced water pressure in the Village of Medina and Town of Shelby with about 85 homes in Shelby without water for up to 12 hours while the leak was repaired. Tuesday all hands were on location and were able to stop leak with minimal interruption in water delivery to the residents.

On behalf of the Medina Village Board I would like to publicly thank the tireless efforts of the employees from the Medina Department of Public Works, the Towns of Shelby and Ridgeway Highway Departments, and assistance from the Village of Albion, Orleans County Highway Department, Niagara County Water Authority, Shelby Supervisor Ed Houseknecht, and  the owner and employees of Sergi Construction for the effort that was made in stopping a leak in the main water transmission line to the Village of Medina.

This is a great representation of not only shared service but shared knowledge among all that were involved. This joint emergency project saved the Village of Medina thousands of dollars.

Many people are not aware when employees go above and beyond their daily responsibilities. The dedication shown Tuesday should not go unnoticed. Once again thank you for your effort.

Mike Sidari


Village of Medina