Medina library welcomes artist help for new book-shaped entrance

Posted 9 August 2014 at 12:00 am

Provided photo – Lee-Whedon Memorial Library welcomes artists to submit proposals for a book-shaped entrance to the children’s library.

Press release
Lee-Whedon Memorial Library

MEDINA – Lee-Whedon Memorial Library is soliciting proposals from artists for a unique project. One of the design elements envisioned in the interior renovation project was a book-shaped entrance to the children’s section.

This structure is now in place ready to be transformed and embellished by an imaginative artist.

“The interior of the library has been completely redesigned in the past year,” said Board President Maryellen Dale. “However, we still have a few visual elements to complete. We are very excited about the Storybook Entrance. We foresee it becoming an iconic part of every child’s experience at Lee-Whedon. The design should be imaginative and bring the entrance to life.”

Artists are invited to submit a detailed color rendering of the proposed vision for this feature element by Sept. 15. Submissions should include a resume/artist bio, information about past artistic projects, and photographic examples of artwork. A listing of materials to be used, a project timeline and the estimated cost should also be indicated.

For more specific information, including a budget range, please contact Catherine Cooper, the library director, at 585 798-3430.

“We expect that some of the work will be done while the library is open to the public, so that this can be a true community project,” Cooper said.