Medina gives BMP permission for temporary sign to attract workers

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 28 June 2022 at 8:54 am

Village will update regs to allow the signs in light industrial/industrial areas

MEDINA – The Village Board voted on Monday to allow BMP to use a temporary sign for three months to try to fill job openings at the manufacturing site on Maple Ridge Road.

BMP twice had temporary signs out but was told to remove them because they were in violation of the village code.

Pride Pak also had a temporary sign out, trying to get job applicants, and was told to remove it.

A BMP representative was at Monday’s meeting to urge the use of the sign. The company saw an uptick in applications when the sign was by the road.

Now that it is gone, people may think the company isn’t hiring, which isn’t the case. BMP needs more workers, the board was told.

“We’re just hoping for some leniency,” the BMP official told the board. “We’re trying to provide jobs right to people here in Medina.”

The village code currently only allows temporary signs for new businesses or a business in a new location that is awaiting installation of a permanent sign. In those cases, the maximum use of a portable or temporary sign is 60 days.

Trustee Owen Toale urged the board not to stand in the way of a business that is trying to grow and fill jobs in Medina.

The Village Planning Board was asked to look at regulations for temporary signs, but decided to not take action on the issue.

However, the Village Board sets policy and Trustee Tim Elliott said the temporary sign regulations should be updated at a time when businesses are hiring.

“The times are changing,” he said. “We need to adjust accordingly.”

Mayor Mike Sidari said he doesn’t want to see “help wanted” signs all over, especially sandwich signs in the downtown with businesses seeking employees.

The board decided to have village attorney Matthew Brooks draft a proposal for allowing temporary signs in the industrial and light industrial zoned areas. That would include part of Park Avenue and the Medina Business Park on Maple Ridge and Bates roads, the areas that include most of Medina’s manufacturing plants.

It can take two to three months for a law to be changed with public hearings, meetings and a filing and approval from the state Department of State.

In the meantime, BMP was given up to 90 days permission to have a temporary sign. If Pride Pak wants to have a sign it will need to make a request to the board.

The temporary signs can be a maximum of 30 square feet. BMP said it’s sign is about 4 by 6 feet.

“I don’t want to slow down business,” Elliott said. “Hopefully the Planning Board sees we’re trying to be progressive and not step on their toes.”

(One Medina manufacturing business has a temporary sign outside seeking employees. Brunner is on Route 31 near Bates Road. Its sign is just outside the village line in Ridgeway so it doesn’t fall under the village ordinance.)