Medina declares gazebo and ambulance as surplus

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 3 April 2022 at 4:09 pm

Structure by canal to be removed while ambulance will become tool truck for DPW

Photo by Tom Rivers: The wooden gazebo in Medina’s Canal Basin has been declared surplus and will removed due to its unsafe condition.

MEDINA – The Village Board has declared the wooden gazebo in the Canal Basin and an ambulance taken out of service as surplus items.

The gazebo was donated to the village about 25 years ago from the Medina Rotary Club. The structure has rotten wood in some spots and is considered unsafe.

“It’s in terrible shape,” Jason Watts, the DPW superintendent, said during last week’s Village Board meeting.

Watts said it would cost more to repair the gazebo than to replace it. The Village Board for now will take out the gazebo and consider another time what will replace it in the spot overlooking the Erie Canal.

Watts said the structure will need to be dissembled because it’s in too poor of shape to be moved.

The board also declared an ambulance as surplus. Rather than I try to sell it for approximately $5,500 to $7,500, the board decided to keep it as a village asset for use by the DPW. (The last ambulance declared surplus sold for $5,500.)

Watts said tools and other DPW supplies could be in the vehicle, which will be modified to say DPW with the red flashing lights no longer serviceable.

Watts said DPW employees sometimes have to make trips back to the DPW garage to get tools and equipment. The ambulance could store those and be brought to work sites.

In other action, the Village Board last week hired Dustin Wells as a motor equipment operator for the DPW.