Medina considers new name for alley off Main Street

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 13 November 2017 at 9:10 pm

MEDINA – The Village Board is considering a new name for an alley off Main Street by Mark’s Pizzeria. The alley was recently made one-way leading into a parking lot.

The Village Department of Public Works recently installed the one-way sign. It also put up a street name sign for “Proile Alley.” That name caught village officials off guard. They had never known the short street as Proile Alley. There hadn’t been a sign up for Proile, although it was in the village records by that name.

Village Trustee Todd Bensley is also the Medina historian. He said he would research how that alley was named Proile.

Mayor Mike Sidari said he is open to another name for the alley. He suggested Merchants Way in appreciation for the efforts of the many small business owners in the community.

Trustee Owen Toale suggested possibly naming the street for the late Vincent Cardone, who owned the Medina Theatre next to the alley.

Other prominent Medina residents to recognize with the street name could be the late Mayor Marcia Tuohey, former First Lady Frances Folsom, and perhaps others.

Village officials first want to know the origin of Proile and the significance of that name to the community.

The village has additional street naming opportunities soon in the future. The two new roadways by Pride Pak off Maple Ridge Road will soon be turned over to the village.

Medina will likely have a public hearing to accept those roads, which were built to public road standards as part of the Pride Pak project.

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