Medina community urged to share messages of gratitude for display over holidays

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 21 November 2021 at 6:03 pm

Takeform creating display at Rotary Park and accepting messages on Saturday during Olde Tyme Christmas celebration

Photos by Tom Rivers: Takeform in Medina will be giving out thousands of cutout ornaments on Saturday during the Olde Tyme Christmas celebration in Medina. Takeform will have a booth outside the Presbyterian Church, where it will give out ornaments and accept messages about gratitude as part of a display that will be up from mid-December through mid-January.

MEDINA – A Medina company will be creating a display of gratitude to be displayed at Rotary Park from mid-December through mid-January.

Takeform has been a big part of Medina’s Parade of Lights and holiday celebration in recent years. It twice was the champion in the Parade of Lights, and donated typography decorations for Rotary Park to celebrate the Christmas season.

This year, Takeform decided it wanted to emphasize a feeling of gratitude, especially during a time of suffering and disruption from Covid-19.

Andrew Szatkowski, director of operations; Shannon Dent, production graphics coordinator

Takeform employees have volunteered to be at a booth on Saturday during the Olde Tyme Christmas celebration. They will be outside the Presbyterian Church on Main Street, and want to hear from the community what they are thankful for. It could be said in a word or phrase. The company will create a display that shares those messages and words of what people are thankful for.

“We want to fill it with beautiful messages,” said Andrew Szatkowski, Takeform’s director of operations. “It will be different fonts, sizes and colors. It will be a display of our entire town’s gratitude.”

Takeform has already received some submissions from employees. One person is grateful for hunting season. Another said he loves his dog.

Those who submit a message or word of gratitude on Saturday will be entered in a drawing for a dinner in one of the igloos at the Zambistro restaurant.

Takeform will also be giving away cutout ornaments in celebration of the 2021 Parade of Lights.

Once the company receives the gratitude messages, it will create a display that will be about 12 feet by 24 feet.

Takeform employees wanted to do something to be part of Medina’s holiday celebration, but wanted to do more than a one-day display.

“During a time when everyone is distanced and separated, we wanted to bring people together,” said Phil Duggar, director of corporate branding.

Szatkowski and Shannon Dent, Takeform’s production graphics coordinator, said employees pushed for the gratitude display to show their appreciation for the community in supporting Takeform. The company has 200 employees and is hiring.

Szatkowski said he is grateful to work for a company that gives back to the community, and wants to be a part of medina’s Christmas celebration.

Dent said she looks forward to seeing the messages of gratitude.

“Everybody will have something they connect with,” she said about the upcoming display.

Szatkowski said the display should remind people there are still many good things in their lives, even during challenging times.

“There are blessings everywhere,” Szatkowski said. “Just look around.”

Takeform created the typography decorations that emphasize the holiday season at Rotary Park. This photo is from December 2020.