Medina candidates say they have helped make village better during their tenure

Posted 14 September 2020 at 12:38 pm


The Village of Medina elections will be held on Tuesday at the Senior Citizens Center on West Avenue from noon until 9 p.m. As your current Mayor and Trustees, we would appreciate your vote so we can continue with our vision for the Village of Medina – Mike Sidari for Mayor, and Marguerite Sherman and Tim Elliott for Trustees.

Over the past six years, some of our accomplishments include the following:

  • Toured local businesses and industries to better understand the needs of the owners.
  • Purchased and installed new playground equipment at Butts Park.
  • Paved over 15 miles of the Village’s 24 miles of streets, with the help of the Towns and County through shared services.
  • Renegotiated ambulance contracts with the Towns of Shelby, Ridgeway, and Yates to assist in the cost of new ambulances.
  • Initiated several energy saving projects within the Village, saving the taxpayers thousands of dollars.
  • Repaired and upgraded the water tower and the wastewater treatment facility, in order to continue services to our residents, while attracting new businesses to the area.
  • Sponsored job fairs for local businesses.
  • Updated the Village website for better communications with residents.
  • Maintained Facebook page “Medina, This Village Matters” for open communication with the Mayor.
  • Sent several surplus items to auction bringing several thousands of dollars into the Village.
  • Supported and advised local residents as they took initiatives to improve the quality of life in Medina.
  • Splash pad and new playground equipment at Pine Street Park completed in 2020.
  • Dog park on North Gravel Road scheduled to be completed in 2020.
  • New and improved skate park at Butts Park scheduled to be completed in 2021.
  • Upgrades to State Street Park.

Our future plans include, but are not limited to:

  • Continue with road and sidewalk improvements.
  • Continue to improve signage throughout the Village.
  • Continue moving forward with the Downtown Revitalization Initiatives to solidify State funds, as we continue to improve our historic business district.
  • Continue to move forward with the Waterfront Redevelopment Plan, in order to improve our waterfront community.
  • Continue with the Maple Ridge Road Corridor Study, which will improve the safety of pedestrians and motorists.
  • Continue to work the Towns of Shelby, Ridgeway, and Yates along with the County to improve shared services that will benefit the whole area.
  • Continue to work with Orleans County EDA/IDA to attract new industrial business into the Greater Medina area.

Our dedication to the community allows us to make informed, conscientious decisions in the best interest of the Village of Medina. We would greatly appreciate your support on Election Day on September 15th.


Mike Sidari – Mayor

Marguerite Sherman – Trustee

Tim Elliott – Trustee