Medina business praised for helping Ridgeway town with needed postings to reopen

Posted 8 June 2020 at 10:55 am


I would like to take a minute to thank Ken Daliusio of the Print Shop of 128 E. Center St., Medina for graciously stepping up during the Covid-19 epidemic, and for offering to print all the necessary postings that the Town of Ridgeway needs to have in our attempt to return to business as it now stands.

I have to say that Ken offered this service verbally to one of the Town’s Councilman and when I followed up on what seemed to be a “to good to be true offer” I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was true.

As a municipality, like any other business, we are required to have a return to work plan with the required postings, and as you can expect none of this has been budgeted for, who would have thought we would be here last year in September when budgets were due.

Ken is a local businessman and does the printing for several of our local businesses as well as business all over Orleans County and beyond. He is well aware of what kind of financial strain all of this has put on our town, our county and our nation.

He did not have to make the offer, but because of a sense of local pride and a love for his community he did. I wish to say that I am grateful and I wanted to take a moment to thank him publicly for his help and generosity during this very tough time and for once again showing that we are Medina Strong!

God bless those who step up to help their neighbors!

Karen L. Kaiser

Ridgeway Town Clerk