Medina approves village budget with 1.8% tax increase

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 24 April 2018 at 8:08 am

Budget includes money for playground equipment, new ambulance, other projects

MEDINA – The Medina Village Board approved a $5,947,932 budget on Monday evening that increases taxes by 1.8 percent, and also includes funds for playground upgrades, a new ambulance, a police car and other projects.

The budget increases the tax levy by $52,954, from $2,923,001 to $2,975,955. The tax rate will increase by 1.57 percent or 28 cents from $17.72 to $18.00 ($17.9991) per $1,000 of assessed property.

The 1.8 percent tax levy increase is more than the 1.0 percent allowed for the village as part of the state-imposed tax cap. The formula for the tax cap this year only allows Medina a 1.0 percent tax increase, instead of 2 percent. The Village Board voted to override the cap.

“It’s been discussed heavily,” Mayor Mike Sidari said about the budget. “We’re very happy with the outcome of the budget this year.”

The budget includes $40,000 for new playground equipment at Butts Park, a new police car, roof repairs on City Hall, a new roof on the Village Clerk’s Office, and a new zero-turn mower for the village parks.

The village will also spend about $150,000 for a new ambulance with the towns of Shelby, Ridgeway and Yates contributing $64,000 towards the purchase.

The Department of Public Works also wants to pave West Avenue and Park Avenue, said Joe Perry, the DPW superintendent. If the village can stretch its money for paving, Perry said he would like to pave some of the side streets, too.

The village’s tax base only grew by 0.2 percent or $386,497, from $164.95 million to $165.34 million.

The 2019-20 budget should show a bigger increase in the tax base. There will be property reassessments that take effect in the 2019-20 budget and they should reflect recent upgrades in the downtown and village houses, as well as some projects in the Medina Business Park, Mayor Sidari said.

“Budgets are never fun but we were able to work together with what I think is a fair assessment of what we want to accomplish this year,” said Trustee Todd Bensley.

The village’s new fiscal year starts June 1.

“No one wants to see a tax increase – I’d love to lower the tax rate by 50 cents – but the reality is things cost more money,” said Trustee Owen Toale.

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