Medina approves dog park, which will be a first in Orleans County

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 26 March 2018 at 10:33 pm

Site will include 3 fenced-in areas by Compost Plant

MEDINA – After about a year discussion, the Medina Village Board this evening gave the final approval for a new dog park, which will include three fenced-in areas by the Compost Plant on North Gravel Road, just south of Boxwood Cemetery.

Alaina Wilson has been leading the effort for the dog park. She will now push to raise $15,000 to $20,000 for the project.

“It’s for the people, and the dogs, and our village,” she told the Village Board.

The village last year first presented Gulf Street Park, north of the canal, for the dog park, but neighbors said they were concerned the park would bring unwanted noise and smells to their residential area.

The fenced-in area will have two sets of gates to enter. There will be separate fenced-in areas for small dogs, large dogs and also an agility area.

The enclosed area will allow dogs to be off-leash, with the area exclusive to dogs and their handlers.

There were two residents this evening who voiced concerns about the project at the Compost Plant, saying it may bother residents and visitors to the cemetery.

Excessive barking won’t be tolerated and dog owners will be expected to clean up after the dogs. Wilson said the people that use a dog park care about their animals and want them to get exercise and socialization.

Wilson said she will work to set up a GoFundMe for the park. Donations can also be set to the Village Office and be designated for the Dog Park. Wilson said the fundraising success will determine how soon the park can open.

Mayor Mike Sidari said the park will be open sunrise to sunset, just like the other village parks.

Wilson will take the lead in fundraising to construct the site. Sidari said the village may have to pay an extra $1,500 a year for insurance for the dog park.

Village Trustee Owen Toale said the dog park will be a addition for the community, and also the first one in Orleans County.

“We’re providing services to the residents of Medina,” Toale said. “It improves the quality of life.”

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