Medina approves 5-ton weight limit on village streets

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 23 October 2017 at 10:51 pm

Village Board wants trucks to use Bates and Salt Works roads

MEDINA – The Village Board approved a 5-ton weight limit on village streets, a move intended to direct tractor trailers to Salt Works Road on the western end of the village and Bates Road on the east side.

The village did have some streets with 8-ton limits, but now all village streets will have a 5-ton limit for vehicles.

The board made the change on Monday, following a public hearing that drew no dissenting voices.

“Hopefully this will eliminate some of the trucks coming through the village and ruining our streets and sidewalks,” said Mayor Michael Sidari.

The weight limit does not apply to emergency vehicles or for local deliveries, Sidari said.

The board has had heard complaints from residents in recent months, especially about trucks that use Park Avenue early in the morning through the evening.

The board wants trucks to stay off Park Avenue and instead take Maple Ridge Road to Salt Works Road. From there they have access to Associated Brands and companies in the Olde Pickle Factory.

Mayor Sidari said the village has notified companies that provide GPS directions about the weight limit change. The village also wants to put up signs along the state roads, directing trucks to either Salt Works or Bates roads. Sidari said Medina will need permits from the state Department of Transportation for those signs.

Tractor trailers in the village have run over some signs and damaged curbs while making turns.

The mayor said the new laws for truck traffic will also help the Police Department better monitor the truck traffic in the village and eliminate confusion about weight limits on village streets.

(Editor’s Note: This article was updated to say emergency vehicles and local deliveries are exempt from weight limit.)

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