Medina approved for skate park grant up to $250K

Photos by Tom Rivers: Jeremy Brandenburg of Medina heads down a ramp during a Skate Jam on Sept. 15 at Butts Park. The current equipment and asphalt surface has been around for many years and has cracks and other issues.

Posted 14 March 2019 at 9:24 am

Press Release, Alex Feig, Medina Skate Park president

MEDINA – The Village of Medina has been awarded a Built-To-Play Skatepark Grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation & Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation for a new concrete skatepark, which could be ready in spring 2021.

The matching grant provides between $50,000 and $250,000 towards the construction of a new public skatepark.

A skateboarder enjoys the Skate Jam on Sept. 15 in Medina.

The grant provides a large funding opportunity for the construction of new professional-quality skateparks and is specifically available to only 16 underserved counties in the Eastern Michigan and Western New York areas. During this particular grant round Medina was the only municipality to be awarded a grant in New York.

Members of the local skatepark advocate group, the Medina Skate Society, have pursued the grant on behalf of the Village of Medina and will be the integral fundraising entity in charge of raising the majority of the funds.

The Orleans Renaissance Group is acting as the pass-through agency for the skatepark funds and currently is holding $12,000 of donations for the skatepark project.

The grant deadline for fundraising is in March 2020 and the Tony Hawk Foundation wants to see construction of the final skatepark completed by March 2021.

Essentially the Medina Skatepark Society and Village of Medina have a year to raise the matching amount between $50,000 and $250,000 and then another year to build the park using professional skatepark design and construction firms.

There will be many opportunities to donate and every dollar spent will be doubled now that Medina has been awarded this amazing grant opportunity!

For starters the M.S.S. has set up a GoFundMe account to raise the initial amount to receive the match and encourage anyone wishing to donate a large amount over $100 to contact the Orleans Renaissance Group or Medina Skate Society directly.

Medina Skate Society was established in March 2018 and is a growing community organization of volunteers based in Medina. They are focused on improving the Medina Skatepark. This is currently an unregistered association. An unregistered association does not have legal capacity, it cannot acquire property in its name and be a member of another association.

For more information, contact Feig at

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