Medina fire chief warns about sparklers with July 4th coming up

Posted 27 June 2018 at 5:55 pm

Press Release, Medina Fire Chief Thomas Lupo

MEDINA – Sparkling devices are now readily available in New York State. Niagara County has legalized small sparkling devices. Orleans County has not legalized these devices. As they are now available to the public in other jurisdictions safety issues should be addressed.

The sparklers burn at approximately 2,000 degrees. After they have burned down please dispose of the wire remnants properly. A small bucket with water is best. Avoid trash cans with combustible materials or paper products.

The sparks given off by “showering fountains” can spark a grass fire. Please use care in placing the larger showering fountains on the ground. Ornamental grasses and mulch can hold a spark and flare up hours after the sparklers had been enjoyed.

As always firecrackers, bottle rockets and roman candles are still illegal. If you choose to use these types of fireworks please be respectful of your neighbors. Follow the warning label; light fuse and get away. Do not hold the larger firecrackers in your hand.

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July.

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