McMurray would be a break from politics of division

Posted 12 October 2020 at 3:48 pm


Nate McMurray will change directions towards a more civil society. A study by Georgia State University Professor Jennifer Lynn McCoy found that polarization of politics is stimulated by the rhetoric of political leaders. She wrote: “Since launching his campaign, President Donald Trump has vilified so-called external enemies such as ‘criminal and rapist’ Mexican immigrants, terrorist Muslims and foreign allies out to drain America’s coffers through ‘unfair trade deficits.’ Now, the president is targeting internal enemies.”

We need to stop vilifying and demonizing people of different ethnic or religious backgrounds. This has the effect of dividing and isolating people, instead of solving problems.

To overcome this polarization of politics the study states: “With a spirit of inquiry, generosity and openness, rather than blame and vilification, the U.S. can move past the bitter divisions that threaten the democratic foundations of the country.”

Chris Jacobs is emulating Mr. Trump’s rhetoric of blaming peaceful protestors on ANTIFA, and demonizing Asians and migrants.

Nate McMurray has visited everywhere in the 27th district, listened to everyone’s concerns and will bring people together.

We all want clean water, nutritious food, good schools and safe neighborhoods and good jobs. Working together, Nate McMurray, will change direction from vilifying people to solving problems for N.Y. 27th district. Let’s elect a leader, Nate McMurray.

William Fine