McMurray urges postponing special election, presidential primary set for April 28

Posted 24 March 2020 at 8:07 pm

Press Release, Nate McMurray for Congress

Candidate for the 27th Congressional District Nate McMurray called on New York State to reschedule the elections planned for April 28. Earlier this year, the special election was called by Governor Cuomo to fill the seat vacated by Chris Collins, who was sentenced to jail for insider trading.

In a letter last week, McMurray urged Governor Cuomo to continue to protect New Yorkers and move the April 28 elections to the June primary, when other federal, state and local primaries are scheduled to occur.

“This is a critical time, confirmed cases of COVID-19 are expected to peak in a few weeks, which will fall on or around the special election planned for April 28th,” McMurray said. “We can’t risk the health of voters and poll workers; we must stop the spread of this disease. The people of NY-27 and beyond also need to maintain confidence in the integrity of these critical elections. We must hold this special election, but the right thing to do is to reschedule it.”

According to Governor Cuomo, the increase in infections means the state’s peak of coronavirus cases is likely at least 2-3 weeks away, during early voting.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control says the COVID-19 coronavirus could infect up to 214 million Americans and cause up to 1.7 million deaths. The elderly and those with compromised immune systems face the highest risk of severe complications from COVID-19, which could result in hospitalization or death.

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