McMurray thanks Stankevich for fighting hard in campaign for Congress

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 9 April 2018 at 11:38 am

File Photo: Nate McMurray speaks March 6 during a candidate forum in Albion.

Nate McMurray is now the lone Democratic Party candidate in a race against Chris Collins, the Republican incumbent in the 27th Congressional District, an eight-county district that includes Orleans.

The Democratic Party field once had at least five candidates but now is down to one after Nick Stankevich suspended his campaign this morning. Stankevich works as vice president of marketing and operations at Genesee Country Inn Bed and Breakfast in Avon. He also works as an advisor for businesses.

Other candidates who have dropped out include: Joan Seamans, the owner of a photography studio in Williamsville; Sean Bunny, a former Erie County Assistant District Attorney who also is an Army veteran who served in Iraq; and Thomas P. Casey of Erie County, an environmental engineer.

Stankevich suspended his campaign today ahead of a petition filing deadline. McMurray issued a statement, acknowledging Stankevich’s campaign.

“Nick fought hard,” McMurray said. “He seemed to believe in many of the ideas that I believe in, that America should be more fair, and that everyone should have a shot at a better life for themselves and their loved ones. He also believed in rebuilding America’s infrastructure. I have respect for any person who stands up for these goals. And I know it’s a demanding and emotional test. Thank you Nick.”

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