McMurray, Jacobs both confident in election on April 28

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 11 February 2020 at 7:25 am

Two of the candidates for the 27th Congressional District in the special election on April 28 both issued statements on Monday, soon after Gov. Andrew Cuomo officially set the date for the election.

Nate McMurray, a Democrat, and Chris Jacobs, a Republican, are seeking to fill a vacancy created when Chris Collins resigned on Sept. 30. He was sentenced on Jan. 17 to 26 months in prison for insider trading and lying to the FBI.

The special election is the same day as a presidential primary that is expected to have a high Democratic Party turnout.

Chris Jacobs issued this statement:

“Governor Cuomo has done everything in his power to give the Democrats an advantage in this special election, but Chris Jacobs has won tough races before. We are confident that on April 28th, Western New Yorkers will choose Chris Jacobs, a conservative who will support President Trump’s agenda, end sanctuary cities and stop the socialist government takeover of healthcare that will bankrupt Medicare for seniors over Nate McMurray, who wants to impose a socialist agenda, supports Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All scheme, opposes the border wall and supports amnesty.”

Nate McMurray ran against Collins in November 2018 and lost by 1,100 votes or about half a percentage point and the most Republican district in the state.

“After months of uncertainty, Western New Yorkers will finally get representation in Congress,” McMurray said. “It is clear that our base is fired up and ready to send a message to Washington: The people of NY-27 aren’t simply going to fall in line behind a single party while Washington robs us of our Social Security and healthcare. We are going to remind them that we’re not sheep – we are farmers, veterans, and hardworking taxpayers and we deserve real representation from someone who will stand up for our working families. I’m not going to Washington for any Party or political insiders, I’m going for the people of Western New York.”

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