McMurray is what the 27th District needs in Congress

Posted 12 August 2019 at 10:21 am


Nate McMurray has announced his candidacy for Congress in the 27th district. In his announcement he made clear four major themes of his candidacy.

Western New York’s need for infrastructure is obvious; bridges and roads are in need of repair. Businesses and the local economy suffers because of lack of infrastructure. Yet our present representative threatened to withhold federal highway funds to make businesses and the economy suffer for some perceived political gain.

Second, improve health care and lower drug prices. The current representative has done nothing for health care except threatened to remove pre-existing conditions from health care and force people to choose between medicine and food. He has threatened to cut Food Stamps, immunizations and other vital services needed in this district, while cutting taxes paid by himself.

Third, Mr. McMurray promised to bring back local government. The current representative refuses to have town hall-style meetings to discuss issues that affect citizens in the district. Mr. McMurray will bring back local government by holding town hall-style meetings and discussions with citizens to understand the issues that affect the citizens of the district.

Finally, Mr. McMurray rejects the politics of radicalization, the politics of fear and anger. Using a fact-based approach to problem solving, Mr. McMurray will bring back rational government. We deserve and need a representative who will listen and serve the citizens of the district. Thank you

William Fine