McMurray condemns potential presidential pardon for Collins

Posted 23 January 2020 at 3:02 pm

Press Release, Nate McMurray for Congress

HAMBURG – Nate McMurray, Democrat running in the special election in NY-27, issued the following statement criticizing the rumored presidential pardon for former Congressmember Chris Collins, who resigned from Congress following pleading guilty to felony insider trading. Collins was sentenced to 26 months in prison on Friday. So far, 14 Trump aides, donors and advisers have been indicted or imprisoned.

“President Trump should not further the injustice inflicted on Western New York,” McMurray said. “His own Justice Department pursued this case and won a sentence that includes prison time for Mr. Collins, a convicted felon. This should not be a Democratic or Republican issue; I urge all Republican candidates in this race, elected officials, and party leaders to stand unified in defense of the rule of law in America. Collins was a wealthy politician who acted as if laws don’t apply to him. We all need to tell him that America’s laws apply to everyone. He must pay his debt to society and not have it wiped away because of his political support for the president.

“I know that these are the same Republican insiders who enabled and protected Collins, long after we all knew he was guilty, while working people paid for his salary and pension. Now is the time for them to do what’s right. Join me.”

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