McMurray calls on Jacobs to denounce NRCC, which called Democratic candidate ‘deranged socialist loser’

Staff Reports Posted 31 January 2020 at 1:34 pm

Nate McMurray, Democratic candidate for Congress, blasted the National Republican Congressional Caucus for what he said is a childish smear campaign just hours before he was unanimously endorsed for the upcoming special election.

The National Republican Congressional Caucus, which is supporting Chris Jacobs, issued a statement yesterday calling McMurray a “deranged socialist loser.”

“I know how hard folks here work, and frankly we are all sick and tired of being pawns in a partisan political game that seeks power for the sake of power,” McMurray said in a statement. “These same enablers who supported an indicted criminal just to keep NY-27 red are brazen to believe they have any credibility with the good people here.”

McMurray on Thursday secured the endorsement from the Erie County Democratic Committee, giving him the endorsement from all 8 county committees in the 27th Congressional District. He also is backed by the Working Families Party.

NRCC spokeswoman Natalie Baldassarre sent a news release to the media on Thursday, calling McMurray “ a deranged socialist loser” who is a proud supporter of government-run health care, the “baseless impeachment” of President Trump, open borders and restricting Second Amendment rights.

“Is that the best they can do?” McMurray said. “Immature, mean-spirited insults? Instead of talking about jobs in one of the worst job markets in the country, health care when countless Americans are going bankrupt over medical bills, they have the audacity to perpetuate hateful rhetoric that is representative of the extremely divisive state of politics today.”

McMurray said he wants to debate the issues with Jacobs “like adults” and let the voters of NY-27 pick the best candidate for the job. He urged Jacobs to denounce the comments from the NRCC.

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