McMurray accepts Democratic nomination for 27th District from 8 county chairs

Posted 14 February 2020 at 2:01 pm

Press Release, Nate McMurray for Congress

BATAVIA – Nate McMurray, the Democratic candidate in NY-27, issued the following statement in response to receiving unanimous support on Thursday from all eight county Democratic Party chairs for the special election on April 28 for the 27th Congressional District.

“I am putting my full heart into this race,” McMurray said. “We all know this election is critical because we aren’t just sending a message to New York, we are sending a message to the entire country to say that we don’t want ‘politics as usual.’ We don’t need another ‘Rich Chris’ using this position to make deals for themselves and their companies. We need representation and a message that includes everyone. We need to give the people of NY-27 a voice.”

“Nate was our person from the start,” said Michael Plitt, chairman of the Genesee County Democrats. “His platform shows that he knows exactly what our district needs. He’s going to protect social security. He’s going to improve healthcare. After years of not having someone who represented our interests, Nate is someone who finally can.”

“I can tell you that Nate McMurray has created a grassroots movement here and has demonstrated understanding and concern for the residents of Wyoming County and beyond.  But it’s more than that. He has reminded all of us that Liberty is a precious thing , not to be buried but held up to the light every day of our lives and when Nate McMurray goes to Washington, we know he will do that very thing,” said Cindy Appleton, County Chair of Wyoming County Democrats.

“Last night we ratified what we have known for a very long time: Nate McMurray is our candidate. We’ve been united behind him for over two years because he works like no one else we’ve ever seen to bring true representation to NY 27,” said Judith Hunter, County Chair of Livingston County Democrats. “Unbelievably, the Republican powers that be have decided for the third time in the last dozen years that what this district needs is a rich guy named Chris who can’t possibly understand what life is like for the ordinary voters of the 27th, despite the fact that the previous two times ended very badly. Unlike his opponent, Nate McMurray gets it.”

“A tough and well-deserving candidate,” said Brittaney Wells, County Chair of Monroe County Democrats, “Nate McMurray was officially designated last night by the Monroe County Democratic Committee for the Special Election in NY-27. The MCDC has complete faith that Nate will uphold his values as a fighter for families and a defender of the United States and the communities he will represent.”

Jay Zona, County Chair of Niagara County Democrats, said, “Niagara County was one of the first counties to get on board with Nate for this special election. He performed very well here in the 2018 election as a new name and we are looking forward to getting his message out.”

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