Marshall Road canal bridges reopens, last of 7 repaired by state

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 3 January 2021 at 9:02 am

Photos by Tom Rivers

MEDINA – The Marshall Road canal bridge in Medina reopened last week after extensive repairs. This was the last of the seven bridges to be reopen as part of a $10.7 million overhaul of canal bridges in Orleans County.

Crane-Hogan Structural Systems in Spencerport was the contractor on the projects. Besides painting most the bridges from green to black, the work on the seven bridges included installing high-strength galvanized steel to replace steel floor systems, low chords, gusset plates and truss elements. Bridge railing and guide rail on the bridge approaches also were improved.

Crane-Hogan Structural Systems started the work two years ago on the seven bridges, beginning with Bennetts Corners Road in Holley.

The seven single-lane truss bridges were constructed between 1909 and 1914. The locations of the bridges that were rehabilitated include:

  • Bennetts Corners Road, between Route 31 and Gulf Road, in the Town of Murray.
  • Telegraph Road, between Route 237 and Groth Road, in the Town of Murray.
  • Transit Road, between Route 31 and West Brockville Road, in the Town of Murray.
  • Densmore Road, north of Route 31, in the Town of Albion.
  • Gaines Basin Road, between Albion Eagle Harbor Road and West Bacon Road, in the Town of Gaines
  • Bates Road, between Telegraph Road and Portage Road, in the Village of Medina.
  • Marshall Road, between Route 31 and School Road, in the Town of Ridgeway.

A truck passes over the Marshall Road canal bridge on Saturday, heading north.