Marano, former deputy, avoids probation and jail, but can no longer be police officer

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 16 July 2018 at 4:46 pm

ALBION – A former Orleans County deputy sheriff apologized to the community and his former colleagues in the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office today when he was sentenced for petit larceny and falsifying business records.

Tom Marano

Tom Marano

Tom Marano, 46, has admitted to claiming 240 hours worked at Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners, which operates a hydroelectric plant in Waterport. Marano filled out time cards for Brookfield while he was on the clock working as a deputy between Jan. 12, 2014 and Jan. 1, 2015. He has repaid $4,800 in restitution.

Marano was indicted last July along with Dean Covis, a former sergeant with the Sheriff’s Office. They faced grand larceny in the third degree for falsifying time sheets.

Covis has agreed to pay $12,915 in restitution. He was sentenced on June 11 and didn’t have to serve probation or jail.

Marano received that sentence as well today. Marano, like Covis, also won’t be able to work again as a police officer, Judge Sara Sheldon determined.

Sheldon quoted from a presentencing report that included a statement from the arresting officer: “Even though he betrayed the public trust, he doesn’t feel jail time would serve a purpose,” Sheldon said.

Marano’s attorney Joseph Damelio said there were many testimonials from the community about Marano for assisting them during times of tragedy. Marano most often performed his duties with high professionalism, his attorney said.

However, Marano takes full responsibility for the petit larceny and falsifying business records.

“He knows what he did is wrong and he is ashamed of it,” Damelio said in court this afternoon. “He wants to apologize to the entire County of Orleans. He wants to apologize to the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department. He wants to apologize to his friends and family.”

Marano regrets his actions cast a negative light on the Sheriff’s Office.

“In no way is this a reflection on them,” Damelio said.

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