Many unknowns with Lighthouse Wind should stop project from going forward

Posted 16 March 2018 at 5:37 pm


It is of interest to me that Apex has sent a stipulation proposal for the Lighthouse wind farm. They have ignored that the general population that would be affected have rejected this project from the get go. There is not any area in the Town of Yates that would not be impacted.

There are many things to consider when evaluating this project, including the need. Just up the road is the Robert Moses power plant. It can produce 2,765 megawatts and is not being run at capacity. The power plant takes up only acres of space. That information by itself should stop this project.

Apex wants to develop 200 megawatts of power and requires 17 miles west to east to accomplish this project. Keep in mind that the town of Yates is only about 7 miles wide west to east and by 5 miles deep north to south. Acres to produce 2,765 megawatts compared to 17 miles to produce 200 megawatts. That info by itself should stop this project.

The State of New York constitution gives local governments the right to determine what happens in their jurisdiction and it is called Home Rule. Both the towns of Yates and Somerset have said no to this project. That should be enough to stop this project.

On Long Island a wind project being constructed has a required 30-mile setback. That distance was determined by the Governor. What will the setback be for Lighthouse Wind? We only have 5 miles to play with.  That information by itself should stop this project.

The life span of this project is only 30 years. I am pretty sure no one really knows how much property will be enslaved to the construction of this project. Eminent domain will be required to pass  through property not signed up for this project. There is no plan B concerning what happens after 30 years. Could new green technology be developed that replaces wind. What then?

What happens if turbines stop working in 15 years? Will Apex or new owners remove turbines when the life cycle is over at their expense? For this and many other questions concerning the construction and operation of this project should be enough to end this project.

All of the thoughts above should be enough to stop this project. There are other issues including health and the environment. I think I could also add neighbor against neighbor. Who wants any of those issues to affect them personally. Would Apex sign an agreement to stay with this project for the full life cycle? Going ahead with this project is like a poker hand, and you are drawing to an inside straight. The odds of succeeding are not very good.

Ray Watt