Many students from Orleans make President’s, Provost’s lists at GCC

Staff Reports Posted 30 July 2023 at 8:25 pm

BATAVIA – Genesee Community College has announced students from Orleans County who have been named to President’s List. Students honored on the President’s List have maintained full-time enrollment and earned a quality point index of 3.75 (roughly equivalent to an A) or better.

The following are on the President’s List:

  • Kiera Dent of Lyndonville
  • Alanna Holman of Medina
  • Willy Sanchez-Cabrera of Medina
  • Melanee London of Medina
  • Corey Saj of Medina
  • Devin Hogan of Medina
  • Alexandria Strong of Medina
  • Hannah Coolbaugh of Albion
  • Reuben Rivers of Albion
  • Kelsie Stahl of Albion
  • Rowan Ford of Albion
  • Zoe Seniuk of Albion
  • Jocelyn Bedard of Albion
  • Laura Ellsmore of Holley
  • Tatum Gagne of Holley
  • Olivia Miller of Holley
  • Madelyn St. John of Holley
  • Melania Towner of Holley
  • Sara Kingdollar of Holley
  • Brendi Nunnenkamp of Holley
  • Isabella Zasa of Knowlesville

These students from Orleans County were named to the Provost’s List at GCC. Students honored on the Provost’s List have maintained part-time enrollment and earned a quality point index of 3.75 (roughly equivalent to an A) or better.

  • Angelina Black of Lyndonville
  • Anthony Moule of Lyndonville
  • Onnalee O’Connor of Lyndonville
  • Brent Oliver of Medina
  • David Garrow of Medina
  • Dominique McKinley of Medina
  • Deegan Bragg of Medina
  • Bradley Pierce of Albion
  • Sandra Hammond of Albion
  • Ethan Hofmann of Albion
  • Rowan Hofmann of Albion
  • Derick Marr of Albion
  • Krista Lefrois of Albion
  • Meganne Moore of Albion
  • Audrey Pask of Albion
  • Luke Gregoire of Albion
  • Tyler Hill of Holley
  • Kimberly Miller of Holley
  • Carola Boza-Meade of Holley
  • Kamryn Berner of Holley
  • Joshua Jablonski of Kendall
  • Qasim Huzair of Waterport
  • Aaron Arnett of Waterport