Many reasons why Cuomo shouldn’t be re-elected

Posted 31 August 2018 at 2:52 pm


The phrase you have to get echoing through your head like a repetitive song from now till November 6 election day is “Cuomo’s got to go.” Why has this man not been indicted?

Testimony from corruption trial convictions point right to Cuomo. A look at the trial testimony and you would have to illiterate to not see that Cuomo is guilty as sin. Why should he be indicted? Joe Percoco, Sheldon Silver, Alain Kaloyeros and Dean Skelos. Percoco is Cuomo’s former campaign manager, close confidant and surrogate brother. State Assembly and Senate convicted criminals Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos were referred to each other by Cuomo as the “Three Amigos.” The trial testimony all points to Cuomo.

Convicted former SUNY Polytechnic Institute president Alain Kaloyeros, a main architect of Coumo’s economic development efforts, was involved in a bid rigging scheme with several construction executives who were Cuomo donors. Sworn testimony leads to Cuomo. Executives from LP Ciminelli and COR Development were directed to donate to the campaign by Tom Howe, a co-conspirator who pleaded guilty to eight felonies. The Buffalo Billion is Cuomo’s personal pet project. Cuomo disbanded the Moreland Commission ending corruption investigations. Many convicted yet King Cuomo remains untouched.

Assemblyman Hawley and Senator Ortt, where are the demands that this governor be indicted?  The STAMP project is a failure and a letdown to our community. Start-Up NY – another failure. The Buffalo Billion is a failure, to name a few. Billions wasted on failed economic development schemes. Billions wasted on green energy schemes and windmills no one wants.

The Nanny State on the march each and every day. Insane regulations and taxes driving out Baxter and a decades-old salvage operation in Middleport. Recent causalities of his policies.

The story of people and businesses leaving repeats every day all over this state. Cuomo and everything he stands for is just plain immoral. He was a failure at HUD and is in a big part responsible for the economic meltdown of 2008.

Progressive policies fail over and over no matter where they are tried. This man is worse than his father was and that was pretty bad. His comments “America was never that great” are words from a silver spoon elitist that never worked a real job in his life. Our beautiful NY State will never see the bounties and be the economic engine it once was with this man at the helm.

One more term and it’s over for this state. There are so many more reasons why Cuomo’s got to go. Demand to your elected representatives that Cuomo be indicted. Get out this November 6th and vote Republican for Marc Molinaro to turn this state around. Vote King Cuomo out of office.

Paul Lauricella