Many push climate change ‘boogeyman’ to cripple US power, wealth

Posted 17 February 2019 at 4:02 pm


This is in response to Kimberly Kennedy’s spot on comments on the climate change hoax, social justice and the horrible indoctrinating education our children are getting. Child abuse comes to mind when I read  some of the stories of fear and anguish from these poor children over this climate lie.

Why is there is no room for debate or counter opinions? Science is not based on consensus. Science is based on fact and that fact can change when and if there are other theories and discoveries. The climate debate is hardly settled and that is a fact. Does anyone even know of the climate email scandal at the University of East Anglia in the UK where a whistle blower released thousands of emails of scientists trying to cover up the non-warming data and that the climate models were highly flawed?

Michael Mann’s infamous hockey stick graph was based on false data from those flawed climate models. Is it taken into consideration that the climate models of today do not match with what is happening in the real world? The climate model’s 5-mile atmospheric measurements aren’t thought consistent therefore flawed to reality? That the climate models cannot go back in time to review past climate?

If climate and weather are not related why is every weather event blamed on climate change? That the oceans, ice sheets and glaciers have risen and receded before in the span of earth’s life. Where we are today was under a mile of ice at one time.

In 2000 IPPC predicted the temperature would rise by 1 degree by 2010. Not even close. The IPPC is a bunch of United Nations bought and paid for junk science alarmists pushing the globalists UN Agenda 21 on a mission to fleece the wealth from the United States and punish its citizenry.

Real scientists will tell you that climate change is really nothing to worry about. The politicians on the left of course are using it for power and control. The leftist media loves to lie and scare everyone for ratings and indoctrination. Academia which is made up of mostly leftists gets a lot of money to push the propaganda and politically correct thought into the young impressionable minds that can be molded anyway they want.

Hollywood and Madison Avenue use movies, sitcoms and advertising to socially engineer. How to think, how to act, how to dress, what to eat and mostly who to believe without question and who is never to be believed. Knowing that many adults are equally mindless and believe everything they are spoon fed by the liberal media’s talking points of the day.

Miss Kennedy’s truths are valid and yes we have wasted trillions of dollars chasing a boogeyman. The United States is not responsible for making the air and the oceans dirty. Quite the contrary.

The words social justice and all the other destructive justice categories that the left spews are viewed by many as socialist propaganda and reverse racism. When it is rich white liberals in power and influence that has enslaved and perpetuated many of the problems that minorities have. The truth to a leftist is seen backwards. The nation saw the faces of those socialists in Congress at the SOTU when the President was speaking truth.

Lastly do any of you really believe that the government tells us the truth about anything? We experience media lies daily. Imagine what it is like at the government level. Do you trust a scientific community that has been co-opted by politics? Do you really believe that we are running out of the life engine of the world, oil? Can you imagine a life without oil or coal?

The biggest fear that we should have is not the climate boogeyman but the reality of our power grid going down or being EMP attacked. We depend on that electricity being on 24 7. We panic over a few hours. Imagine how many millions will die in a prolonged grid outage.

I treasure the life I have had from the gift oil, coal and natural gas. I am very grateful to the men and women who supply it. I do not work for them but it is an honorable profession that has made life better for all. You will all rue the day when it legislated out of existence. Wind and solar will never give us that life. Climate always changes. Only the left has found a way to use it as control and steal your money.

Paul Lauricella


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