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Many local residents recognized for high grades at GCC

Staff Reports Posted 19 January 2018 at 4:34 pm

Genesee Community College is recognizing students for academic achievement. The college has released the names of students on the Dean’s List (3.50 to 3.74 grade point average) and students on the President’s and Provost List’s (3.75 or higher) with the President’s List for full-time students and the Provost’s List for part-timers.

The Fall 2017 President’s List of GCC students from Orleans County includes:

ALBION – Lauren Becht, Jennifer Benz, Alex De Smit, Matilda Erakare, Aleah Foos, Owen Foos, Nicholas Johnson, Kelsi Nice, Katlin Pieniaszek, Jessica Reigle and Chase Tkach.

HOLLEY – Johnathen Affronti, Cameron Bennage, Jennifer DeVault, Corinne Johnson, Kirsten Newbould, Shannon Parsons, Madeline Rowley, Jessica Scott and Kailey Waterman.

KENDALL – Robert Cook and Richard Wolf.

KENT – Emily Boyle, Kelly Bropst and Matthew Edick.


MEDINA – Bailey Allen, Adam Dunn, Brandie Fidanza-Carson, Sarah Fisher, Daniel Heschke, Olivia Hill, Zachary Laird, Ace Strickland, Elexa Taylor, Emma Wilson and Arden Zavitz.

The Fall 2017 Provost’s List of GCC students from Orleans County includes:

ALBION – Joseph Blair, Jennifer Dekay, Joshua Girvin, William Gregoire, Alyssa Lawrence, Adrian Milroy, Emma Mitchell, Summer Moore, Kendall Piccirilli, Matthew Quider, Vickie Restivo and Richard Vanderwedge.

HOLLEY – Bethany Bentivegna, Mary Buggie-Hunt, Starlyt Knight and Ryan Wolfe.

KENDALL – Angelique Zinner.

KENT – Colby Ricker.

LYNDONVILLE – Scott Buffin.

MEDINA – Rosemarie Albone, Heather Burd, Stuart Durrant, Melinda Pitcher, Carlin Sanders, Brian Schultz, Jessica Ward and Taylor Warner.

The Fall 2017 Dean’s List honorees from Orleans County include:

ALBION – Jeanine Baron, Kastriot Bela, Samantha Bowman, Desirae Davis, Jessica Kincaid, Brady Meakin, Katie Morgan, Nicole Smeltzer, Kaitlyn VanSkiver, Miles Walton, Shannan Wells and Angela Westlund.

HOLLEY – Hayley Diep, Rebecca Gay, Henry Haggerton, Kaitlyn Hendry, Cassandra McCormack, Trent Osborne, Sarah Rogers, Antonette Silvis and Sarah Westcott.

KENDALL – Matthew Cook and Autumn Steffen.

LYNDONVILLE – Steven Boring, Danell Gibson, Lacey Heideman, Abigeil Rodriguez and Kevin Rogers.

MEDINA – Brandon Ashley, Josh Cifelli, Colm Cooper, Grace Fuller, Jamie Fulwell, Corinne Hall, Danielle Higgins, Adam Lindberg, Stephanie McGee, Kali Montgomery and Autumn Salatka.

WATERPORT – Sierra Chudy, Sherika Coke and Dwight Wadsworth.

Genesee Community College serves over 6,000 students per semester through more than 70 academic programs and certificates, including the new Marketing and Social Media concentration within the Business Administration program, and the new Nanotechnology degree with ECC. On a microscopic scale, nanotech focuses on careers in biology, chemistry, electrical engineering, medicine and photovoltaics.

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