Many contributed to social justice discussions at Hoag Library

Posted 12 January 2022 at 7:38 pm


Thanks to the Orleans Hub for your recognition of our programs at the Hoag Library and Pullman Universalist Church on the “impact of racial injustice.”

Tom Rivers called me the “driving force,” but the “driving force” behind me (and us) is Kim Remley.

Further, all of our committee members, which is meant to be a “working committee” of the coalition of 6 church and civic organizations, have contributed with planning and materially: Sister Dolores Ann O’Dowd, Joyce Riley, Rev. James Renfrew, Kae Wilbert, Diana Dudley, Diana Reed, Gary Kent and Mike Magnuson.

Rosanne Leach, Gerard Morrisey, Elizabeth Haibach, Margaret Golden and others have also helped with the actual programs.

Again, thank you,

Bob Golden


(Editor’s Note: Mr. Golden was named an Outstanding Citizen by the Orleans Hub in 2021 for his efforts with the Community Coalition for Justice.)