Many beautiful trees removed with little outcry

Posted 8 May 2023 at 11:04 am


The butchers are coming!

The butchers are coming!

Sound the alarm to every township, village and farm.

Don’t leave your tree unguarded for a minute or you will come home to find a v chopped in it.

It will make no difference if it is thirty feet from the road and in forty years will never grow near their poles.

The utility says tough and butchers can do as they please.

They care not a whit about your beautiful tree.

Plant trees on your Arbor Day to save the earth, but know that the butchers can’t see its worth.

Have your wind and solar to help climate change they say, but distribute it in the same old way.

It’s been the same for more than a hundred years and every time it weathers brings the no power fears.

We can’t get it under the ground to avoid the wind, ice and snow, because that would eat into our profits don’t you know.

So save the planet, but shed a tear for the beautiful trees that used to be here.

Danise Austin