Making Choices

Posted 24 October 2021 at 8:00 am

In the Beginning

By Darlene Benton 

“In the beginning was the word..” (John 1:1)  Without language, human beings begin life with pure potential, little angels open to their new world. How humans manifest their potential, their unique, souled being, all begins with words.

From our beginning in the womb, the words and thoughts of the mother, the people in the midst of the mother, also begin the process of the development of “Who Am I?” All thoughts create form. Thoughts, words and actions hold energy, they create one’s experience in and of the world.

As science has caught up with what sages, prophets and healers through history have known, it has proven with electromagnetic imaging, thoughts and stimuli create an energetic impulse in every tissue and organ in the body. As a bodyworker working with numerous modalities, I have witnessed what many teachers impressed on me; “Our issues are in our tissues.”

With the overwhelming array of media nowadays, we are not just reading ideas in books and newspapers, we are being spoken to by voices, colorful images, videography and sound effects. As humans, we are born as sponges soaking up the energy of our surroundings. It’s no wonder people are experiencing such pain in their physical and mental being.

Words and images have become such a profound aspect of who we are, from birth, we aren’t aware of who we truly are. Every thought, word and action in our daily life is the result of the words we have been exposed to since conception. Joy, fear, guilt, love, anger; each of our emotions triggered in any experience, have been taught to us since conception. Like a computer, garbage in, garbage out.

Maybe examining how words have shaped our separation from one another instead of bonding us with our fellow humans might be a helpful observation. Listening more than we speak will give us an interesting new perspective. Are the words we hear in our heads, spoken by our mouth or others’ mouths, words to help humanity be as one, or are they words that separate us?

Listen from the heart instead of the mind as if you have no head. See how this feels. Judgment and confusion originate in the mind; from our hearts, love and compassion.

Darlene Benton is the director of Paradise Healing Arts in Albion.