Mainstream Media shows clear bias against Trump

Posted 18 August 2017 at 9:54 am


This letter is directed to the Mainstream Media.

I am nobody, but everybody. I live in NY, only not in a city. I live in the suburbs, but not a trailer park. I’m not poor, but not rich, either.

I am an American who cannot afford a home, but can put clothes on my child and food in his mouth. I am a single mother. And I’m not rich enough to afford cable… Indeed, I’m stuck with NBC, CBS and ABC as my primary source of news; and if I didn’t have a smartphone with Wi-Fi, would be stuck believing everything you report, morning and night.

We, my neighbors and I, voted for Donald Trump. And we’re proud of him and our choice in 2016. The problem is, you don’t understand why we did what we did last year. You are still operating as if Hillary got a raw deal, or we ignorant “hicks” out here, made an uninformed mistake.

You filled us all year long with negative coverage of Trump and pro-Clinton propaganda. We saw through that. And that’s why we voted for Donald Trump.

And instead of acknowledging you made a mistake propping her up and him down, you continue your biased coverage of the Trump Presidency as illegitimate, illegal, suspicious and “bad for America”.

I’ve got news for you, MSM, we don’t believe a word you say anymore, be it legitimate or illegitimate… In fact, you might as well be tabloid news: That’s how much we don’t trust you anymore.

NBC morning shows include “Political Hacks” like John Harwood, the snake who was communicating with John Podesta before and during your presidential debates… Really?

CBS has Norah O’Donnell discussing anything having to do with our new President with CONTEMPT. She conjures up past tweets, statements etc. from our president to discredit what he is doing NOW. And Pelley acts as if the world is going to end every damn night.

ABC still has Stephanopolis on every day? Really?!?  He contributed to the Clintons for years. And we are supposed to take him as an “honest” journalist?

I’m not wealthy enough to enjoy expanded cable, and I, like many others, am stuck in this position. And the older folks who have relied on you for years for honest reporting are turning you off, as I am; I’m choosing Sponge Bob movies at 6:30 with my son instead of watching you degrade, insult and condemn who we voted for in droves.  And if you don’t get on the same page with the voting American public, you will be dinosaurs of TV.

Wait, I take that back… You already are.

Kimberly Kennedy


“A Proud Deplorable in Western New York”