Mail-in voting raises many concerns in election

Posted 21 August 2020 at 10:04 am


I write to ask the proponents of mail in ballots a question:

If you trust the USPS with the very future of our nation, why is it you don’t trust it enough to send cash through it?

The advancement of electronic payments in the last decade notwithstanding, what about before? Did you mail cash for your mortgage? Utility bills? As a birthday or other gift?

I think not.

This is proving to be the most divided national election day in our history. Why should we change what is proven? I don’t accept Covid as the reason espoused by the left. They know full well that they have the weakest ticket in recent, if not all, history. What is their true motive? Could it be that they are hoping for ballots to come up missing? The left’s response is that the ballots are anonymous and unidentifiable. Not so. Each and every mail-in ballot will have a unique “identification number.” You cannot convince me that this unique identifier will not in some way be deciphered.

As far as voter ID, how does that suppress the minority vote as the left so often recites? You need ID to get any permit, license, or just about any transaction with the government. You need an ID to purchase alcohol, cigarettes. The list of circumstances where you need to show proof of identity goes on and on.

And they continue to repeat that it suppresses voting – especially with minorities.


Bob Harker