Lyons Collision donates Jaws of Life to Medina Fire Department

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 3 July 2013 at 12:00 am

Photo by Tom Rivers – Lyons Collision in Medina donated a Hurst tool or a Jaws of Life to the Medina Fire Department. Pictured outside the fire hall today include, from left: Fire Chief Todd Zinkievich, Lyons co-owner Jeff Lyons, Lyons co-owner Kim Patterson and firefighter Craig Basinait.

MEDINA – Jeff Lyons has watched Medina firefighters use hand tools and saws to try to rip off car doors. It can be a slow process. And Lyons, a Shelby firefighter, said seconds and minutes count for patients in motor vehicle accidents.

Lyons is co-owner of Lyons Collision in Medina. He is often on the scene soon after a car accident.

The Lyons family has donated a Hurst or Jaws of Life tool to the Medina FD. The Jaws can easily pry open a door or cut off pieces of metal. It makes it quicker for firefighters to extract a patient, and also exposes the patients  to less jarring, noise and vibration.

“It’s the most valuable tool you can have at an MVA,” said Todd Zinkievich, the Medina fire chief.

Medina was the last fire department in the county without a Jaws, the chief said. Medina would often call a neighboring fire company to bring one of the tools, which could take 10 minutes of more.

“It’s designed to open up the doors and free the patients,” Lyons said. “It’s a much smoother way of opening up the car.”

Lyons, his sister Kim Patterson and their father Ancel Lyons decided to donate the Jaws, which can top $15,000 new. The family bought a used one for the fire department.

“We couldn’t do what we do with our business without them,” Jeff Lyons said about the firefighters. “The community has made our business what it is and this is a way to say thanks.”