Lynn-Ette farm buys Harbor Pointe golf course

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 10 March 2014 at 12:00 am

Most of land likely will be converted to farmland

Provided photos – Lynn-Ette and Sons on Friday closed on a deal to buy Harbor Pointe Country Club on Route 98 in Carlton.

Some of the trees are being cleared.

WATERPORT – A golf course that opened 50 years ago on Route 98 in Carlton has been purchased by a local farm, which will discontinue the site as a golf venue.

Lynn-Ette and Sons closed on a deal Friday to acquire Harbor Pointe Country Club from the Cardone family. The Cardones owned and operated the course since June 1, 1981. The course opened in 1964 as the Oak Orchard Country Club.

The course had several owners before the Cardones bought it in 1981.

“It was a wonderful business to operate,” said Joe Cardone. “My mother and father made a lot of close friends. We appreciate their business and friendships.”

The golf business has struggled in the region in recent years, due to the economy and increased competition with many golf courses, Cardone said.

“There has been a drop off in golf play,” he said. “It’s also an indication of the economic times in Orleans County.”

As part of the deal, Lynn-Ette purchased 93 acres on the east side of Route 98 that have been farmed. The local farm also bought the 100-plus acres that is the golf course.

The land won’t be orchards. The farm is cleaning up the property and clearing some trees. It will need to do soil tests to determine a good crop match for the ground.

The farm’s owners weren’t available to comment today, but an employee said Lynn-Ette will likely keep the existing buildings. The farm is still evaluating how it wants to use the site.

Cardone said he was happy to have a local buyer – Lynn Roberts and his family – pursue the property.

“We were thankful we were able to work something out with the Roberts family,” Cardone said. “They’re a wonderful family and they’re working hard down there.”