Lyndonville’s school resource officer previously served in that role for Medina

Provided photo: Jason Barnum, a school resource officer for Lyndonville Central School and an Orleans County deputy sheriff, was visiting the school’s health classes today to teach drug prevention education.

Staff Reports Posted 10 May 2017 at 9:40 pm

LYNDONVILLE – The district’s school resource officer is no stranger to the community or the SRO position.

Jason Barnum, an Orleans County deputy sheriff, was named Lyndonville’s school resource officer for the final two months of the school year.

Lyndonville is trying the position in a two-month arrangement with the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office. The district over the summer will evaluate whether to continue the position next school year.

Barnum served as a school resource officer when he worked for the Medina Police Department and spent the school year working with at the Medina School District.

Barnum will be available to meeting with parents on Tuesday, May 16, at 8 a.m. or 6 p.m. in the High School Library.

“A properly trained SRO offers so much to a District, besides a law enforcement presence,” Jason Smith, the district superintendent, said in a message to parents and the community. “The needs of our students are ever-changing and ever-demanding, and our District has developed a strong tradition of partnering with community agencies to offer outstanding services for our students (Mental Health and GCASA are two recent examples).”

Smith listed the following goals of the partnership between the district and the sheriff:

• To bridge the gap between police officers and young people and increase positive attitudes toward the legal system

• Teach the value of our legal system

• Promote respect for people and property

• Reduce crime by helping students formulate an awareness of rules, authority, and justice

• To take a personal interest in students and their activities

• To allow students access to the legal system

• Provide a positive role model

• The school resource officer is a visible and active law enforcement figure on campus dealing with any law-related issues

• A classroom resource for instruction in the following areas: law-related education, safety programs, violence prevention, alcohol and drug prevention, and crime prevention

• A resource to teachers, students, and parents for conferences on an individual basis

• A member of the staff working hand in hand to solve problems in the school community.

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