Lyndonville wants to recognize graduating seniors on Decision Day

Posted 22 April 2020 at 9:32 pm

Courtesy of Lyndonville Central School

Press Release, Lyndonville Central School

LYNDONVILLE – In honor of our Class of 2020 and National Decision Day, a day when seniors traditionally make their final college decisions, we would like to hear where our seniors will be in the fall. Whether your child will be going to college, headed into the military or starting a job, we’d like to know and share their exciting plans on social media.

Please send a photo to by Friday, May 15, showing your senior’s intentions. The photo should include a picture of your child, their full name and include the following:

• College: Show an acceptance letter and any other college items you have. In the email please include the college name and intended major, if known.

• Military: If your senior plans to go into the military, please let us know which branch and include items such as letters, pamphlets, clothing, etc. you may have.

• Work/Trade: Did your student attend BOCES, was involved in an apprenticeship or had work experience? You can include items in the photo with your senior such as a chef’s hat or welding mask. These are just suggestions; we look forward to seeing where your senior might be working. Please include the name of the company/business if possible.

If you have questions email Tricia Croce, Communication Specialist, at the email above. We look forward to sharing your photo and hope to include each senior of the Lyndonville Class of 2020!

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