Lyndonville students hear from State Police about dating violence

Posted 12 December 2019 at 2:28 pm

Provided photo: Senior Investigator Thomas Gibbons of the State Police spoke during Lyndonville High School health classes this week to discuss sexual assaults on college campuses.

Press Release, Lyndonville Central School

LYNDONVILLE – High school students at Lyndonville met with Senior Investigator Thomas Gibbons of the State Police this week during their health classes to discuss sexual assaults on college campuses.

This discussion is part of the NYS Police Campus Sexual Assault Victims Unit’s prevention education program. Their mission is to reduce the incidents and facilitate the reporting of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking at colleges and universities.

Investigator Gibbons explained the problem of sexual assaults on campuses to the students. He provided prevention and bystander strategies and emphasized the importance of reporting sexual assault crimes to law enforcement. The investigator stressed that everyone has a role to play in keeping friends, peers and family safe.

“Educating the students about these topics will allow them to make responsible decisions now and later in life,” said Shane Phillips, health teacher at Lyndonville. “Collectively the students agreed that learning more about healthy relationships and how to identify common signs of an unhealthy relationship was very helpful.”

The second part of the presentation will take place near the end of the school year and will continue its focus on identifying positive and negative relationships.

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