Lyndonville student earns GCC degree before graduating from high school

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 25 May 2021 at 2:26 pm

Emma Maynard wouldn’t let painful scoliosis stop her from academic goals

Emma Maynard graduated in a virtual commencement this past Saturday at Genesee Community College. She next graduates from Lyndonville Central School on June 25.

LYNDONVILLE – A Lyndonville High School senior already has earned a degree, a month before graduation at Lyndonville.

Emma Maynard, 17, on Saturday received her associate’s degree from Genesee Community College. She took classes at GCC the past three years during the school year, and also over the summer and a winter term. She earned her degree in computer information systems and now plans to go to Roberts Wesleyan College this fall for a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Maynard took her GCC classes online, even before the Covid-19 pandemic. She said time management is the key to completing college work, while also doing her high school classes.

“I was determined to do it,” Maynard said today.

She admitted to a friendly rivalry with her sister Cassie, 20, who just earned her associate’s degree from Niagara County Community College. Emma wanted to graduate the same time as her sister.

Emma excelled at GCC, and was on the Provost’s List every semester. This year she was vice president of Phi Theta Kappa and earned the All State Academic Team Award from the organization.

Emma will receive her diploma on June 25 at Lyndonville, where she is ranked fifth in the class. Emma noticed one big difference between high school and college classes.

“In high school the teachers are much more strict,” she said.

Her mother, Jen Maynard, said she is impressed her daughter pushed so hard in the classroom with her high school and college courses, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“She did a great job with this,” Jen Maynard said. “I’m thoroughly impressed she was able to accomplish this goal.”

Emma also did it while enduring the painful effects of scoliosis. That condition required her to wear a back brace 21 hours a day for four years, where she couldn’t bend her back. She had a spinal fusion surgery in February and she said she feels much better, with less pain and more movement.

Emma said she made friends with GCC students despite being fully remote. She looks forward to the fall to being at Roberts Wesleyan in-person for classes and student life.