Lyndonville school district eyes $10.7 million capital project

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 15 November 2016 at 12:38 pm

LYNDONVILLE – School district leaders expect to soon present a $10.7 million capital project to the community, an initiative that would do a host of improvements to the school campus on Housel Avenue.

The district already has $4.5 million in a reserve for the local share of the project. The state is expected to pay about 83 percent of the overall costs.

“We’re getting some needed upgrades and improvements,” said Jason Smith, the district superintendent. “It’s a conservative project that really addresses needs for students, staff and the community.”

The project is focused on the Housel Avenue campus, where students in grades prekindergarten through seniors in high school all attend classes. The former elementary school on Main Street isn’t in the project.

The projects include roof work, new air-conditioning (currently only 1/3 of school has AC), interior renovations (including removing a wall and added two classrooms), lighting improvements, and site work that will add parking spaces and improve traffic flow. It will also add a clearly designated drop-off spot for parents taking their children to school.

The athletic fields will also be improved with drainage, new dugouts, fencing and electric service.

Lyndonville expects the Board of Education will vote on Dec. 12 to send the project to the community for a vote, tentatively planned for Feb. 13.

The project will be paid over 20 years. It won’t result in increased local taxes because the local share already is available in the reserve account, Smith said.

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